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Here at Safecat UK, we believe that everything we do, we do with pride and to the best of our ability to help not just the customer, but all involved. We want every one of our customers to enjoy their experience with us, It’s what we hope makes us different to the rest.
There are no negatives for deciding to keep your cat off the streets, and that isn't just a biased opinion of a catio manufacturing business, but as an owner of 10 indoor cats ourselves.
Before we started our business, years ago we kept outdoor cats, we lost 3 on the roads and one just disappeared.
Deciding to opt for a "no roam" ownership by the means of a Safecat UK catio means...
  • No more sleepless nights when they don't come home.
  • No more unexpected high vets bills (an emergency r.t.a surgery & hospitalization will cost more than a catio!).
  • No more premature losses.
  • No worry about theft.
  • No more concerns about someone claiming/feeding your pet.
  • No worries about injuries/abuse/poisoning.less risk from infectious diseases.
  • Longer lifespan
  • Doors/windows on your property can be safety left open, providing worry free comfort to homeowners & unrestricted freedom for pets.
  • Fewer cases of decimation of wildlife.
  • Better relationships with neighbours due to zero nuisance fouling on their property.
  • Assurance that by buying a quality product, you will never need to replace a safecat UK catio because of wear & tear.
You will not find a stronger, more long-lasting or secure catio on the market.
Contact us directly today for a no obligation bespoke quotation.
Invest in the best - We care because you care!

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