Do I need a Catio?

Do I need a Catio?

There are no negatives for deciding to keep your cat off the streets, and that isn't just a biased opinion of a catio manufacturing business, but as an owner of 10 indoor cats ourselves.

Before we started our business, years ago, we kept outdoor cats, we lost 3 on the roads and one just disappeared.


Deciding to opt for a "no roam" ownership by the means of a safecat UK catio means,

  • No more sleepless nights when they don't come home.
  • No more unexpected high vets bills (an emergency r.t.a surgery & hospitalisation will cost more than a catio!)
  • No more premature losses
  • No worry about theft
  • No more concerns about someone claiming/feeding your pet
  • No worries about injuries/abuse/poisoning
  • Less risk from infectious diseases
  • Longer lifespan
  • Doors/windows on your property can be safety left open, providing worry free comfort to homeowners & unrestricted freedom for pets.
  • Fewer cases of decimation of wildlife
  • Better relationships with neighbours due to zero nuisance fouling on their property.
  • Assurance that by buying a quality product, you will never need to replace a steel safecat UK catio because of wear & tear.


You will not find a stronger more long lasting or secure catio on the market.
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